InfiniCORE™ Flow Director Series - Network Fabric Visibility Appliances

Infinicore™ Flow Director series product represents a new tool to help network administrator to operate, monitor and debug their networks effectively and effortlessly. Infinicore™ Flow Director allows network administrator to map, tap, tag, replicate and load balance their traffic across any input and output ports and enables network administrators to cost effectively improve their network with advanced monitor, security and forensic functionality without risks of service disruption.

Infinicore™ Flow Director can be used together with Infiniload™ Traffic Simulator to form large scale simulation cluster to cost effectively achieve cloud scale traffic. The sharing of test equipments across multiple teams and projects can be made easy and manageable through Infinicore™ Flow Director.

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Product Family Feature Highlights

RJ-45, SFP, SFP+, SFP28 and QSFP+, QSP28 Ports with Direct Attachment Support


Each 10G interface supports 100M/1000M/10G speed modes; Each 25G interface supports 1G/10G/25G speed modes; Each 40G interface supports 40G speed mode; Each 100G interface supports 40G/100G speed modes;Advanced built in power saving feature; Robust EDC engine and Low Latency


Interface seamlessly with your existing network; Provide smooth migration path to your future network

Powerful Flow Management

Supports flow management mode such as Dynamic Virtual Wire; Inline Traffic Split and Merge; Traffic Aggregation; Traffic Replication; Fan out; Load Balancing; Switching and much more

The flow management allows you to select the most suitable data path that meets the demand without worrying the configuration details.

High throughput and low latency

Empowered by the hardware architecture, Flow Director family is capable of deliver from 240Gbps, 640Gbps, 1800Gbps to 3200Gbps of line rate forwarding capabilities with low latency

Keep your network functioning at line rate with the added intelligence and flexibility

Easy to use Web GUI, CLI and Application Programming Interface

Support CLI and web GUI based device management. It also supports wide variety of API bindings to ease the integration into your existing system

Device is easy to use and fully support automation. Provide opportunity for the 3rd parties to renovate and integrate.

Green and Cost Effective

Low power in full loaded state and provides unprecedented price performance

Reduce customers’ CAPEX and OPEX