Network Fabric Visibility Appliance - FlowDirector-240G

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Infinicore™ Flow Director series product represents a new tool to help network administrator to operate, monitor and debug their networks effectively and effortlessly. Infinicore™ Flow Director allows network administrator to orchestrate network traffic through map, tap, tag, replicate and load balance their traffic across any input and output ports. Network administrators can cost effectively improve their network with advanced monitor, security and forensic functionality without risks of service disruption.

Infinicore™ Flow Director can be also used together with Infiniload™ Traffic Simulator to form large scale simulation cluster to cost effectively achieve cloud scale traffic. The sharing of test equipments across multiple teams and projects is made easy and manageable through Infinicore™ Flow Director.

SFP+ Ports with EDC support

Management Port

Console Port

Flow Operation

User Interface

Physical Size and Weight