Network Fabric Visibility Appliance - FlowDirector-3200-F

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InfiniCORE™ Flow Director series product represents a new tool to help the network administrator to operate, monitor and debug their networks effectively and effortlessly. The Flow Director allows the network administrator to orchestrate network traffic through map, tap, tag, replicate and load balance their traffic across any input and output ports. Network administrators can cost effectively improve their network with advanced monitor, security and forensic functionality without risks of service disruption.

The FlowDirector-3200-F fabric visibility appliance is designed to provide network administrators essential capabilities to build next generation visibility infrastructure. Powered by Intel’s P4 programmable Tofino™ switch ASIC and InfiniCORE Visibility Operating System, the FlowDirector-3200-F bring the capabilities together to tap, aggregate, replicate, tag, strip, filter and load balance network traffic, with or without the expensive SPAN port on the switch or router.

The FlowDirector-3200-F can be deployed as a capture front end to the InfiniCORE FlowMagic traffic and content visibility appliance to provide unprecedented flexibility, performance and port densities in network monitoring applications.

QSFP+/QSFP28 Ports with EDC support

Management Port

Console Port

Physical Size and Weight

Typical Supported Flow Domains

User Interface

Wide Variety of Protocols Support