InfiniLOAD™ Series 10G L2-L7 Converged Network Traffic Generator

As today's networks, applications and services are quickly converging to a single IP based infrastructure, the demands for network based validation solution increases and existing test solution fall behind to meet the challenges of performance, cost and feature set. Infinicore Infiniload™ testing solution is a purposefully built, high performance and cost effective solution that helps customers meet their testing demands.

Infiniload testing solution contains three members with unprecedented TCO and ROI: The base model Infiniload-220E provides dual 10G SFP+ and dual 1G tri-speed RJ-45 interfaces to test your network. Infiniload-220E-SSD doubles the memory capacity to 16G bytes as well as an additional SSD drive.

Infiniload™ I-220E series is the first 10 gigabit L2-L7 network testing appliance in a compact 1U form factor. Purposely designed to meet the challenges of testing today’s converged IP networks and equipments, Infiniload-220E is capable of generating stateless traffic at wire speed, as well as wide range of application traffic with up to 500,000/sec TCP session setup rate. The fuzz, DDoS and attack simulation modules provide a new dimension to measure the resiliency of networks and devices under test.

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Product Family Feature Highlights

Stateless Traffic Generation


20Gbps of wire speed stateless traffic synthesis for wide variety of protocols including ARP, ICMP, IGMP, UDP, TCP with customizable payload with 802.1 Q and Q-in-Q capabilities


Ideal for testing switches, routers, firewall, NAC, traffic shaping and VPN devices

Stateful Traffic Generation

20Gbps of stateful traffic synthesis for wide variety of TCP and HTTP based protocols and applications.

Ideal for testing web, authentication and application servers. Ideal for testing load balancer, firewall Ideal for testing IDS, IPS and the other DPI devices

Support full range of Ethernet Speed from 10Mbps to 10Gbps

Equipped with 2 SFP+ 10Gbps Ethernet interfaces and 2 copper 10/100/1000bps copper Ethernet interfaces

Convenient and easy to fit into the carrier, server and data center environment

Test Automation, unified Test APIs and Centralized management with comprehensive test reports

Support CLI and web GUI based device management. It also supports Windows based management and report generation system with comprehensive scripting system

Device is easy to use and fully support test automation. 3rd party can create separate test suite and profession report

Green and Cost Effective

Device consumes less than 80W of power in full operational state and provides unprecedented price performance

Reduce customers’ CAPEX and OPEX