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As networks, applications and services are converging to a single IP based infrastructure. Network equipment manufacturers, data center operators, service providers and enterprises are under the pressure to deliver products with superior reliability, interoperability and performance.

Infinicore’s Infiniload I-220E-SSD Testing appliance provides an unified open testing platform for customers to deliver a full range of L2-L7 test solutions for data, signaling, voice, video and security applications.

Empowered by its unique hardware architecture, Infiniload™-220E-SSD is capable of generating 10G line rate stateless traffic as well as complex stateful application traffic. A single Infiniload™ appliance is able to simulate millions of IPs and millions of connections with more than 500K TCP connection setup and tear down rate.

Compared to Infiniload-220E base model, Infiniload-220E-SSD is enhanced with an additional 64GB SSD disk and up to 16GB of memory. Users can run open source testing package on this model with little or no effort

Dual 10G SFP+ Testing Ports

Dual 1G RJ-45 Testing Ports

Management Port

Console Port

Base Packages

User Interface

Physical Size and Weight

Stateless Traffic Generation

IEEE802.1q — Virtual LAN

IEEE802.1QinQ — QinQ Virtual LAN

RFC826 — Address Resolution Protocol

RFC791 — Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4)

RFC792 — Internet Control Message Protocol Version 4

RFC768 — User Datagram Protocol (UDP)

RFC793 — Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)

RFC2460 — Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6)

RFC3376 — Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP)

RFC2544 — Benchmarking Methodology for Network Interconnect Devices

Stateful Traffic Generation

  • TCPBlaster Client and Server Modules
  • 10 Gbps Throughput
  • Up to 500,000/sec Session Setup Rate
  • 4M Concurrent Sessions
  • HTTPBlaster Client and Server Modules
  • Up to 350,000/sec Session Setup Rate
  • 4M Concurrent Sessions
  • Support of HTTP 1.0 & 1.1

Environmental Specifications

  • 00-240V, 50-60 Hz, 250W 80 PLUS Certification
  • 85W, 80 Plus Power Supply
  • FCC Class A, Part 15
  • Operation Temperature: 0 to 40 degree C, 32 to 104 degree F
  • Storage Temperature: -25 to 70 degree C, -13 to 158 degree F
  • Humidity: 5 to 95% non-condensing