About us


Infinicore Incorporated is funded in 2010 to develop innovative networking solutions which can help customers to build intelligent networking applications with higher performance and less power. By leveraging state-of-art multi-core hardware with optimized software, Infinicore delivers products and services with outstanding performance, rich features set, and better price-performance to its customers. The potential customer base for Infinicore's solutions includes Network Equipment Manufacturers, Data Centers, Enterprises, Governments and Agencies, Network Operators, and Service Providers. Infinicore is experiencing strong, consistent growth.

Business Principles

IInfinicore Incorporated is a debt-free, sustainable company. Infinicore Inc. makes use of the Internet together with a group of passionate resellers as a distribution channel. By collaborating with a highly efficient supply chain enables Infinicore Inc. to provide high-quality products and services with unprecedented price performance.

As an organically grown and privately owned business, Infinicore Inc. is in the position of being able to make strategic decisions and investments to ensure the long-term stability and success of the brand, securing long-term product availability and support.


Infinicore Inc. is located at the heart of Silicon Valley, in San Jose, California United States. Working with partners, we ship products and provide services and support to APAC, EMEA, North and South America.


Infinicore Inc. maintains close working relationships with both customers and suppliers. Such relationships with hardware and software suppliers enable Infinicore Inc. to develop its product line in line with the latest technologies.

Research and Development

Infinicore Inc. is constantly researching technologies that can help meet the goal of our product design. Infinicore Inc. also maintains close links with several leading companies in the industry.